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Who We Are

A Culture of Excellence and Integrity

Our Mission

To inspire and implement solutions that improve global health and the health of the planet.
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Our Vision

To lead the industry in cleaning engineering and analytical science innovation.
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Our Values

Wisdom: Using our understanding of life and balance. Discovering knowledge in decision-making.
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Respect: An understanding that respect for others is key to our success and satisfaction.
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Integrity: High expectations for honesty, sincerity, self-respect and standing up for one’s beliefs.
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Family: Hyde is a corporate family, and we recognize the need for our employees to have a healthy work-life balance.
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Adventure: Willing to entertain new and challenging opportunities in imaginative and innovative ways.
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Why Hyde?

Global Expertise, Local Delivery

Hyde Engineering + Consulting has been a global leader in process system design, commissioning, and FDA compliance for regulated industries since 1993.

Our team of over 260 professionals offers end-to-end services, including initial assessments, laboratory studies, and full-scale engineering solutions.

With local project delivery supported by our global network, we provide unmatched expertise and excellence in engineering and compliance tailored to your needs. Trust Hyde for innovative solutions and reliable support, wherever you are in the world.

Our History

Since 1993

Since 1993, Hyde E+C has partnered with our clients to help them operate more efficiently, bring products to market more quickly, meet regulatory requirements more reliably, and conserve precious natural resources through hygienic process engineering and analytical expertise.
When John Hyde, Founder and Principal Consultant, started Hyde E+C in 1993, he was looking for the answer to this question:
How can pharmaceutical manufacturers get products to market more quickly?
Working from his basement at his home in Colorado, John found a way to answer this question. John’s core expertise—cleaning and sterilization, process engineering, and regulatory compliance consulting for companies in the pharmaceutical industry—had already delivered drastic improvements in hygienic manufacturing, resource consumption, and facility throughput for his previous employers.
Applying his unique skillset to some of the toughest process challenges in the life sciences business, John found success as a consultant. As his business grew, he surrounded himself with the industry’s top talent and developed a core team of engineers to address the growing demand for his services. That original team of subject matter experts, each trained by John, has carried this legacy of excellence forward.
In 2017, Hyde Engineering + Consulting became a 100% employee-owned business. Our collective motivation to serve and lead our industry is driven by individual employee owners who embody our core values.
Today, the company that John Hyde founded is known and respected as an innovator, developing new technologies and methodologies to advance industry manufacturing processes. Still involved with the company on selected engineering projects, John Hyde continues to mentor and train the firm’s engineers, sharing the wisdom he has gained over the years.

Our History

Since 1993

Since 1993, Hyde E+C’s team has worked diligently to bring quality and consistency to our pharmaceutical engineering projects.

The creation of our Analytical Laboratory and adherence to the highest regulatory requirements, standards and certifications translates to unparalleled work on behalf of our clients

The experience and in-house knowledge developed at Hyde E+C over the past 30+ years translates into gained efficiency in process and project management, cleaning development and validation, and other custom services. Additional differentiators include our highly diverse employee-owner roster, our honest and authentic communication style, and our dedication to sustainability. Clients can improve productivity through the application of sterile design. The result is greater throughput while utilizing less water, less energy, and fewer chemicals.

Our Culture

The Hyde Way: Redefining the Way We Work

Opportunity is a fundamental feature of the Hyde Way. Our innovative “Choose Your Own Adventure” career development plan gives you access to a variety of project opportunities in our consulting and engineering environment.

Our career track, more like a lattice than a ladder—makes it possible to move to the left or right, up and then down to gain experience within different verticals, try on new roles, and apply your skills in innovative ways.

Board of Directors

Left to Right:

  • Will Czerniak, Director
  • William Siegel, Director
  • Adolphe Kajangwe, Director
  • John Hyde, Director
  • Victor Aspengren, Chairman
  • Kerren Bergman, Director