Karrie Hogan

As the Director of Global Recruiting, Karrie is responsible for setting the strategic direction for recruitment and brand messaging for Hyde Engineering + Consulting. Hyde’s global recruiting department champions our culture by working to attract and retain the best and brightest engineers in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.

Karrie brings extensive technical experience to her role. She started her recruiting career in Colorado, specializing in sourcing and recruiting BS, MS, and Ph.D. scientific professionals for the pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical, oil & gas, food, and environmental industries. Before recruiting, Karrie was responsible for managing the sales of small to large-scale, in vivo and in vitro, monoclonal antibody production under cGMP and research guidelines.

Karrie holds a BS in Biology from the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, and in her free time, enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She maintains balance in life by competing in triathlons and ultra-running. She has completed two 50-mile ultra’s (trail running) and is a 2-time Ironman finisher.