Jeff Barnes

Jeff is the Director of Canada Operations for Hyde Engineering + Consulting, Inc., recruiting, onboarding, and leading engineering teams to deliver expert customer service to biopharmaceutical facilities and the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry throughout the country.

Always creating opportunities, Jeff prides himself in not only hiring for specific jobs, but also in finding the right jobs for good people. A truly active listener, he knows when to ask the right questions. When it comes to leadership, Jeff takes a team based approach. He is a resourceful and deliberate networker and manager, sharing that his role is to make the employees the true stars of the organization. Moving forward, Jeff is advancing Hyde’s influence in Canada, presenting their true expertise in bioprocess engineering and validation.

One of the steppingstones that lead Jeff to Hyde’s management team was starting and partnering in a process engineering company for the biotech industry. With comprehensive experience ranging from conceptual through detailed design, vaccines, polyclonal antibodies, plasma fractionation, fill finish, OSD, API and Potent API, his contributions are many. His colleagues proclaim that if Jeff had a superpower, it would be his ability to quickly evaluate a chaotic situation, make sense of it and develop a team to deliver the project.

Jeff loves that ‘adventure’ is a Hyde core value! One of the best experiences of his life was when he and his wife moved to France when their kids were young and didn’t speak the language. He looks forward to fanning the flames of more adventure over the next few years and encourages his young recruits to expand their geographic horizons. Jeff holds a Bachelor of Applied Science degree (BASc) in Chemical Engineering from the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. In his leisure time, he enjoys playing, coaching and refereeing hockey and says of refereeing, “it’s like paid exercise”.