David O’Keeffe

David is the Western States Operations Director within Hyde and brings over twelve years of experience in the industry. David has worked on projects in Ireland and the US. He has a broad range of experience ranging from construction to validation in the fields of waste water treatment, pharmaceutical/biotech, and cosmetics.

David joined Hyde in May 2015 and has worked for a number of different clients in the fields of commissioning & validation. In his most recent project, David was responsible for establishing and managing the cleaning validation program for a client in the Northern California region. David was also the first Staff Manager in the region and during this time, he worked with the Hyde management team to help define the role and responsibilities.

Prior to joining Hyde, David worked with a number of different consulting firms and held a fulltime position for one year with Merck, Westpoint, Pennsylvania. In this role, David supported manufacturing of the chicken pox vaccine. However, David realized that he preferred the consulting field and left Merck to rejoin the world of consulting. Over the years, David has gained extensive knowledge in constructing and commissioning of large-scale pharmaceuticals and has extensive validation experience in the pharmaceutical/biotech and cosmetic industries.

David holds a BS in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering from Cork Institute of Technology and has a MS in General Systems Engineering from Walden University.